Call Verification Walk Through


  1. Minimum account balance of two (2) credits.
  2. Access to a US phone line. (This can be a landline, cell phone, VoIP or online service such as TextNow, etc.)


  1. Select the service to verify
  2. Check the box Request Call Verification Line
  3. Select an available zipcode or leave as “any”
  4. Request Phone Number

When the system returns your number, you may connect your call.

    1. Select the Voice tab on the message delivery page
    2. Enter your phone number to connect to our system
    3. Press the “Receive Phone Call” button (this will deduct an additional credit from your account.)
    4. Answer our system call to connect service. 

Our system will generate a call to your line.
Connect your line to our service at least 10 seconds before your expected call.

  1. Accept the call to connect service.
    [You have seven (7) minutes to complete your verification from the time you connect to our service.]
  2. Once connected, submit your assigned mobile number for your verification request.
  3. You will receive the verification call to your connected line, follow verification instructions using your keypad. 

Once you have completed the verification, you may disconnect the call.